All concerts are free.

Due to the limited number of seats at Królikarnia, the concerts of Anja Lechner (18.06) and the Bardo duo (02.07) will be possible to hear outside the venue. That is why it is worth taking a blanket with you.

For concerts taking place in TR Warszawa and Nowy Teatr there are free admission tickets available online, in theater box offices and an hour before each concert.

For concerts taking place in Królikarnia free admission tickets are available one hour before the concert at the entrance to Królikarnia.

The workshops for children (5-8 years old) conducted by the Niwiński ensemble (17.06) require enrollment, which should be sent to:

In the e-mail, please give your chosen workshop time (12:30 or 14:30), names and surnames of children, as well as a contact telephone number to a parent or guardian. Note: places are limited!

Feel invited!