5. Kwadrofonik Festiwal
7-21 November 2019

7 Pękala/Kordylasińska/Pękala
12 Lutosławski Piano Duo
13 Raphael Rogiński
13 Natalia Przybysz
13 Trio Širom
21 Kwadrofonik


Light and sound are the two natural forces which affect our senses. They are also two speeds, which can compete with each other. The speed of sound may be outrun these days, the speed of light, however, is a point sought by dreamers, scientists and crazy inventors. In this capacious and tolerant universe of art, light and sound have every right to meet. At one time and space they may impact each other and artists alike. It is watching, seeing, perceiving, shading, interpreting light with its meaning and colour, both by directors, composers and invited musicians, that will be the subject of this year edition of the Kwadrofonik Festival: the black and white film by Buster Keaton, embellished with hyper coloured, unusual sounds of percussion instruments played by the Pękala/Kordylasińska/Pękala duet, two black pianos, from which the pianists of the Lutosławski Piano Duo will bring out all the shades of the French impressionism masterpiece Urlicht - the primal light which was the spark igniting the new Kwadrofonik ensemble premiere project, or songs by Moondog - a blind singer, owner of a dog howling at the Moon, presented in a chamber instalment by Natalia Przybysz, Raphael Rogiński and a Slovenian trio Širom, are the offerings of the fifth edition of the Festival.


  • Organizer of the Festival > Stowarzyszenie Kwadrofonik
  • Originator and host of the Festival > Kwadrofonik: Emilia Sitarz, Bartek Wąsik, Magdalena Kordylasińska, Miłosz Pękala
  • Festival Production and Promotions >Katarzyna Renes, cooperation: Aleksandra Kaca
    Paweł Szumny / Toinen Music
  • Sound Engineering> Robert Migas
  • Graphic Design > Justyna Kosińska / temperowka.pl
  • Website > Michał Pękala / simplercode.com
  • Translation > Monika Kilias